iphone does not connect to your wireless wifi, what to do

November, 9th, 2013    |   admin

You have an iphone and it does not connect to your wireless wifi at home or work. This simple process and procedure seems to make connecting to wifi not so hard in most cases. Give it a try.

Make sure to edit your device( iphone ) name and remove any apostrophes in it. iphone does not like apostrophes in its name and the wifi will refuse to connect in most cases.

1. Turn off your router ( Its the thing that sends out the wifi signal.)
2. While your router is turned off, reset your network setting in your iphone by going to > Settings > General >Reset network setting.
3. Turn on your router.
4. Try connecting to your network by using the network password.

In most cases this seems to resolve the wifi issue in an iphone.

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